It's better on this side...Flying into the "impossible..."

This year I talked to my brother Daniel about doing a commercial video for Southwest Airlines. We dreamed about it, and he actually called me and asked "have you emailed Southwest yet?" I hadn't. He stayed on the phone with me and said "do it now." I realize today more than ever anything is possible. His push helped me press the send button and I ended up having the opportunity to create a video with another one of our friends named Christian Barreno, an incredible videographer! I encourage you to check out the blog post article I wrote for the company and also the video we produced. View it blog and video HERE

We are all 22 years old, but we are doing "impossible" things because we are taking risks with God. Daniel is in Australia studying at Hillsong College for worship, Christian just got back from a tour as a tech director, and I am in Los Angeles for the 21Project now and heading to Boston next week for Praxis Academy. What an adventure! 

Life is so much better on this side! #LivingTheDream. What would happen if we took more risks, dreamed bigger dreams? I have thought about advertisement concepts for Chick-fil-A, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Drury Hotels, Carnival Cruise Line, Reebok, and also smaller coffee shops and restaurants. My goal this year is to connect with more artists and entrepreneurs at my college and other colleges locally and nationally to explore creating more advertisement videos.

I'm flying into more "impossible" dreams this year!