Hope & Love for today… It’s time to share this message

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I wrote a message about love and hope during Black history month this year. For some reason I didn’t feel the time was right to share it when I wrote it initially. With the recent events in the news with Mike Brown and the riots I believe the message was meant for encouragement today.

It is easy to focus on the things that have divided us in the natural, yet still I have been inspired this year more than ever before by the miraculous work God is doing to bring us together in St. Louis. From a celebration event of diversity at Westminster Christian Academy during Black history month, to seeing nearly 300 Christian business leaders coming together in July, to worshiping with people from churches across our city, or visiting houses of unified prayer, I have seen God moving! I know the Lord desires to see healing in our nation, and I have believed for a long time, along with others, that he wants to start that transformational work here in St. Louis.

Through these tragic events we also have an opportunity of a lifetime to see love and unity birthed out of brokenness. We can rewrite history. We can correct the wrongs of our fathers and see America changed through coming back to the author of Love! This is the message I wrote after Black history month this year. I’d like to share it with you now.

God Is Love
"This past Black History Month I saw hope, I saw hope that did not disappoint. I saw hope for the world in St. Louis, Christians committed to unity, committed to reconciliation, and seeing the Kingdom of God come. Ah yes, the dream is still coming that Dr. King talked about, but what was that dream? Was the dream only to end racial tensions to receive comfortable bus rides, to merely see divided colors under our roofs in the hallways of our schools and businesses or true friendships?

Or was the dream to see the nations coming together to meet God, to worship Him, and love each other?

In January I went to Dr. King’s church in Atlanta. And yes it was a church. His message of love and unity was not based on the morality of men but the sovereignty of God. He new God, he new His name, he new his character, and God is Love. I argue that the only way we will see the dream come alive is to bend our knees to God, not to men, not to a politician, but to God. Men will die but Love will never die.

If we miss Dr. King’s first title we miss the entire message of the “I have a dream” sermon. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not a politician, but a pastor, a pastor who wanted people to know the power, love, hope, and unity found within our savior Jesus Christ.  

Have we arrived to the promised land? No. Not yet. But on February the 20th  at Westminster Christian Academy and Saturday February 22nd at New City Fellowship Church, I saw a picture of heaven and received hope as the nations worshiped God together in St. Louis. This Black History Month was truly a celebration of unity, God orders our steps my friends, and I pray that He will continue to encourage you to seek reconciliation and unity not only on Black History Month, but also throughout the year!

Stay encouraged! The dream is still coming."

As we look at the challenges right now I want to encourage you. The scars are still there. The wounds are still a reality, but we have an opportunity to pray and work together to see true love, healing, and hope released for our city and our nation. Again I say, God is giving us an opportunity of a lifetime. We are the answer to the prayers of the kids in schools with a fractured education system, not the government, we are the solutions to the job crises in America through working together and launching businesses, we are the ones called to bridge the gaps by reaching across the lines in boldness compelled by love rather than fear to build friendships with people of a different race…. Hand in hand.

My friends, the news has portrayed a fractured story. God is bringing together this city and nation. Revival is coming but we have to recognize our brokenness before we can receive our healing.

 I just got done traveling for a month seeing what God is doing nationally in Los Angeles to see a true love revolution birthed in America. In Boston I was exposed to God’s heart for innovation and strategy through unity, some of the most loving and brilliant Christian business leaders from across the world came together to train the next generation of leaders on how to use entrepreneurship to empower people and see reconciliation. These leaders are compelled by love, inspired by friendship, and committed to seeing hope released in America and across the globe.

I pray that you will be encouraged in your mindset and conversations as we look ahead to what is next for St. Louis and our nation. We have to remember the word when Genesis 50:20, says what was meant for evil “God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Let us look to God in prayer and not the media for answers. Let’s ask God how He wants to use these events to save many lives.”

May God Richly Bless You,
Stay Encouraged,
-David Alexander