I had the opportunity to partner with Southwest Airlines for National Dance Day! Please check out the video below. I also wrote a blog along with the article that can be seen HERE

In 2016 between a performance in Denver I found a street performer. We enjoyed an improvisational performance together. 

I was asked to write a poetry piece for a Black Tech conference. Please see the video produced as a result below: 


I really enjoyed doing this smooth criminal dance piece performance at the dance studio I group in, COCA, Center of Creative Arts, in St. Louis. It was created by an absolutely phenomenal choreographer named Tracy Dupre. Always enjoy working with her. 

From 2011 to 2012 I had the honor of being part of the iTHINK Big School Assembly team, traveling across the nation impacting over 100,000 students. Truly an honor. Learn more about this incredible organization and the leader who started it by watching the video or visiting the website www.iTHINKGBIG.org