I am an artists, passionate collaborator, and consultant. As a performer and speaker I can customize presentations based on your needs, as a collaborator and consultant I can work with your company to help you dream bigger and more creative solutions for your organization. Please review my services below and let me know ways I can help. 

Live Performances & Presentations 

Every event is unique. Whether it is tap dancing for a wedding or special event. 

  • $250 per local St. Louis church presentation 1-2 songs
  • $500 per special event locally in St. Louis
  • $1000 nationally performance + travel expenses. 

School Assemblies Presentations 
Each school assembly presentation is customized based upon the needs of each individual school. I utilize a combination of dances, songs, multi-media, acting, and collaborate with other individuals and organizations to create unique presentations for your school. Contact me to explore the possibilities. 

Consulting & Marketing Services 

Whether the company is small or large, I can help come up with creative ideas that will separate you from the competition. In addition to individualing 

$150 per hour initial consolation meeting 

$50 per hour after initial meeting