The S.T.L. (Strength to Love) Film Project

Dear Friends,

The S.T.L. (Strength to Love) Film Project is inspired from and based on the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He lead the civil rights movement with walkers so committed to love that even when they were hosed down by police officers, beaten, and humiliated, they continued to walk in peaceful protest. It took strength. But where did that strength come from? Where was Dr. King's source of strength to love? Most forget that this man was not merely a political figure. His first role was that of a pastor. We forget that gatherings prior to marches were church services. They prayed they sang, they gave thanks to God, and then they walked on the streets singing, "We Shall Overcome!" God's solution has always been sacrificial love. It was modeled in its truest form on the cross when Jesus Christ died to save humanity. 

A couple of months before Ferguson riots erupted after Mike Brown was shot, I had a unique experience. A young African American brotha was in the library sitting in front of me listening to Malcom X out loud on his phone. He was putting together pamphelts and asked if I had $5 to support "the movement" to educate our youth. I shared with him that, "I have seen over 100,000 students, from Indian reservations, to inner city schools, to catholic grade schools," and that "every community has pain. But when we internalize that pain into hate, the community implodes." The next morning at 3AM God woke me up with a poetry piece in responce.

The film will dramatically reenact my experience to share a message of reconciliation and hope through poetry, music, and dance. The high energy film will tell the story about what happened in the library and will also incorporate original dance choreography and music between the lines such as the Negro Spiritual Wade in the water. Please listen to the poetry piece below. 


We are currently raising funds to develop the film If you are interested in supporting please email me at or feel free to call 314.954-8946

Thank you so much,
David Alexander.
S.T.L. Film Project





Love Was Not Free

By: David Alexander Brother my brother you are deceived
Love cannot come out of hate
The underground movement you speak of is worthless for God's sake, if you don't fight with love.
We are in a battle not of white or black for the attack you see is spiritual.
Hatred is sin, distrust has no color. Love is the solution my brother.
Reexamine your facts and come back to me with a different book to sale. Actually never mind. I already bought the one I need. I heed the words that were written in the story.
It talks about people once enslaved, yes bloody and gory.
But in the sands of Egypt, a leader was saved by the wanna be killers daughter in the wading water. What a juxtaposition.
Has your position changed?
The leader of the movement was saved by the person you would hate. The movement was birthed by love. And that only comes from above
So I love you my brother but I can't buy your book. It costs too much to come this far. The 
water hosed walkers vs. street rioters. I can't buy your book. Not for five dollars or three
But please listen to me. Love is the solution. And it was not free

© David Alexander 2014